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Evans Computer Consulting was created in August of 1992 in Marietta, Georgia. It was originally created for IT Computer hardware support. Everything from Laptops to Laser printers were repaired at customers sites. During this time, we were creating small Microsoft Access projects for companies who were in need of accounting and contact management databases. In September of 1998 we decided to make the switch to full time software development. After living in Atlanta for 15 years, we decided to move to warmer climates. On June 30, 2010 Evans Computer Consulting opened up for business in St Petersburg, Florida. In order to cover a wider area we established another office in Orlando, Florida. Now Evans Computer Consulting works with customers from Cocoa Beach to St Pete Beach. On May 23, 2011 Evans Computer Consulting converted to a LLC.

Personal Experience
I built my first BASIC application on an Apple IIe in 1985. No graphics back then but I was hooked from the start. While in college, I learned Pascal, Cobol and Fortran. It was at that moment I realized I was best at graphics and procedural languages. In 1992, Microsoft came out with Access 1.0. I was currently working with Paradox and figured that this new product might be worth looking into. Little did I know, or anyone else for that matter, that Access would take off to be one of the best desktop databases to come along in a long time. I stuck with Access and went back to college to learn VB 5.0 so I could compliment the interface. I was working for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) when I decided to make software development a full time job. It was September 1998, and Compaq was looking to takeover DEC.
After leaving DEC I went to work with Amoco Fabrics and Fibers Division on April 1999. It was here where I stepped out of the box with Access97 and moved into Visual Basic 6.0 and Oracle databases. Amoco pushed me even further into web development when BP came along and took over Amoco. At this point I was new to internet web pages, but after a few trial and errors I was pushing out ASP web pages. After the BP-Amoco merger was complete, I was laid off and was immediately hired on by an insurance company called Coalition America in May of 2001.
My prior manager with BP-Amoco had already left and was contacting me to work for him doing ASP and VB6 pages again. So I ended up working for the same manager through two jobs. It was here at Coalition America that I switched from Oracle databases to SQL Server databases. After working for Coalition America for almost five years, I decided to continue on my own in Orlando, Florida.
On December 2005, I was hired on by a government sub contractor to do VB6 and SQL Server 2005 work for them. This was my first full-time remote position.

Regents College
Bachelor of Science

Albany, New York
Kennesaw State University
Computer Science, SS & Math Education
Marietta, Georgia
Valencia Community College
Associate of Arts
Computer Science, ASL
Orlando, Florida
Lyman Ward Military Academy
Military Diploma
Graduated Salutatorian of my Class
Camp Hill, Alabama
A+ Certified Technician
Windows Supplement
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