3/6/2019 Updated Access Report for Quickrete
Modified existing data entry forms for more run time hours. Created a new report for each product line. Added in sub reports with new aggregate calculated queries. VBA, SQL Server, Access
2/15/2019 New HEPA Status update for MDI
Changed the HEPA status across web and mobile sites for MDI. Pulled out the old hard coded index field and added in a new table driven Hepatitus status drop down and date field. Added in a new Facility Group into the Fee pay schedule. ASP.NET, HTML, JQuery Mobile, SQL Server, AWS
11/15/2018 New Certificate and Verbiage Changes for BookitPink
Create a new Certificate with GoDaddy and registered it on the existing website. Changed the customer help tabs and added in new PDF support documents for sales leads. ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, SQL Server
9/1/2018 Created a Responsive Website for MDI Equipment.
Using Jquery Mobile, we released a completely responsive website for the Equipment group. We built a new SQL Server database along with its own objects. We wrapped a lot of new PDF file creation techniques along with outside scanner tools. Phase I is complete. ASP.NET, PDF, SQL Server, AWS
3/15/2018 MDI Mobile Website 2.0 now in production
Pushed out the Mobile MDI website version 2.0. By utilizing JQuery Mobile, we have created a new and responsive mobile website. Added in new security features along with graphic changes. MDI mobile is now cleaner and more user friendly. ASP.NET, JQuery Mobile, CSS, SQL Server, AWS
12/30/2017 New Responsive MDI Website for QA
Released MDI QA Mobile Phase I. Taking advantage of JQuery Mobile for the first time, we were able to push out a very responsive website that can be view on desktops and phones without graphic alignment or issues. Response was so positive that we will be changing everything over to Responsive websites in the future. ASP.NET, JQuery Mobile, CSS, SQL Server, AWS
9/30/2017 Created a new ETL for BIPs new Customer
We added in a new customer base via XLS to SQL Server. We mapped up the new fields to the existing database and we then created several new SQL Server scripts for importing into production. All the procedures were documented for creating a repeatable process. XLS, VBA, ASP.NET, SQL Server, ETL
7/17/2017 New customer AEC brought on board
We met onsite with the new customer AEC. We performed some maintenance and upgrades to their existing Access database. More projects for additions were documented and we will start on those soon. Access, SQL Server
6/1/2017 Migrated MDI Website over to Amazon AWS
After months of preparations and planning, we have finally migrated the MDI Website over to Amazon AWS. Each step was carefully planned and the final results of AWS has given MDI a more robust web farm and RDS server. AWS uptime has been outstanding compared to their previous hosting company. This was such a great success that ECC Software will be migrating to AWS soon. ASP.NET, SQL Server, Amazon AWS
3/1/2017 Created a new SLA with MDI
After a few years of service ups and downs with Arvixe.com, I needed to create a SLA with MDI. The agreement now keeps MDI up and running 24/7 without service interruptions. ASP.NET, SQL Server, AWS
2/1/2017 Built a patient ETL for Pasco Cardiology Group
Built a custom ETL for patient data to be sent from Pasco Cardiology Group to Medicare. Using VBA I created a custom XML extraction tool that went through a stored procedure. Used an online submission tool for realtime verification. Access 2010, VBA, XML
10/1/2016 Created a Group PDF Invoice for MDI
Created a dynamic PDF file without templates for the group invoices. Using iText technology I was able to create a scalable invoice with headers and footers that would change based on new customers in the group invoice. SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, HTML, CSS, JQUERY
9/1/2016 Created Single PDF Invoices for MDI
Created a dynamically created PDF file for single invoices. Added in new support tables for the generated invoice headers. SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, HTML, CSS, JQUERY
6/20/2016 Completed Phase II Accounting for MDI Website
Phase II of the MDI website is now complete. Added a payroll component for paying the MDI employees. Also added a separate component for invoicing individual and group facilities. While we are in a dual test mode with the current payroll system, I will finish up the automated creation of PDF invoices. www.mobil-dialysis.net SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.0, HTML, CSS, JQUERY
3/11/2016 Created EDI 856 file for Sawyer Products
Created a WalMart EDI 856 file creation module for Sawyer Products. Access 2003, VB.NET, SQL Server 2008
2/1/2016 Created EDI 810 file for Sawyer Products
Created a WalMart EDI 810 file creation module for Sawyer Products. Access 2003, VB.NET, SQL Server 2008
12/3/2015 Implemented redundant website backup for all my customers since Arvixe.com is having issues
After having a security issue with Arvixe.com and then finding out about all their upgrade pains I decided to search for another hosting company. After researching and testing I went with Winhost as a redundant backup. I also created external DB backups so that I could make the production switch in a matter of minutes. After testing out all the backups we are all good now. All my customers including myself are protected now. SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.0, HTML, CSS, Jquery
8/10/2015 Phase I Completed for SLS Scalable Content Builder
Completed the Phase I design of SLS Modules Scalable Website Content Builder. Created a local interface in Access for updates. Designed website to accept Phase, Chapter and Test dynamic content. All the information is being stored in SQL tables and then rendered into a website template I designed with Master Pages. SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET 4.0, HTML, CSS, Jquery, Access 2010, VBA
4/3/2015 Mobil Dialysis Web Site Phase I complete
Completed all new additions and modifications to the new web site created for Mobil Dialysis. Added extra reporting features that included downloadable PDF files. Gave end users the capability of editing their own records with out invovling administration intervention. Speeded up datagrid bottle necks and streamlined editable features so the website could run faster. www.mobil-dialysis.net SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET 4.0, HTML, CSS, Jquery
12/1/2014 Released SAS Version 4.1
Created a new complaint and charge back solution for Contractors. Built in new reporting mechs that could find key words and dates based on what type of issue was initiated. Also implemented a new login security module for SAS in order to lock down more objects and to keep track of what employees were doing. The release went smooth with no bugs. VB.NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008
10/27/2014 Released New billing module for SLS
Scrapped the Paypal module for payment and have now gone with a SAGE solution for payment. www.slsmodules.com SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET 4.0, HTML, CSS, Jquery
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